Will Clingo products work with my phone?

Yes.  No adapters necessary.  That’s the magic of Clingo Technology.  It is designed to work with any phone or media device.  Some cases that are extremely textured, leather, silicone-based, or those that are glass-backed like the iPhone 4 or Sony Xperis Z3 will not work at an optimal level.  Apple's iPhone 4 has a silicone-based, anti-scratch coating on its beautiful glass back.  Our R&D department is actively researching and testing an array of long-term solutions.  In the interim, if your phone is not clinging at an optimal level, we recommend using a protective case that that covers the back of the device to increase the Clingo mounting pad to its optimal level. Glass backed phones in particular are prone to damage.  If your phone has cracks or is damaged in any way then we do not recommend that you use it with Clingo. 

Will it leave sticky stuff on my phone or media player?

Absolutely not.  The material is designed to stick, peel and repeat without leaving any residue on your phone.

How do I know it’s secure?

Great question!  We have tested all the products in extreme conditions to ensure that when it’s clean (follow the simple the care instructions, which can be downloaded on the left) it will securely hold your device. make sure you press firmly when you adhere your device and peel it off with one hand on the device and the other on the mount.

Is it hard to clean? How often?

Not at all.  For quick cleaning use a damp, lint-free cloth to remove any dust from Clingo pad.  Do not use any paper products.  For best results, run water over the Clingo pad and use finger to remove any dirt or dust.  Hand oil or grease may require the use of mild soap.  Do not use solvents to clean the Cingo pad.  Allow green Clingo material to completely dry before mounting device. Cleaning frequency may vary by environment.