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Travel gear: Clingo gives your gadgets sticking power | Los Angeles Times 

JAN 28, 2011‎   Clingo, a division of Allsop Inc., in Bellingham, Wash., makes gadget holders with a sticky green gel surface that grips devices without leaving residue...

Accessory examination + video: Clingo ... Hang it as well as dont think about it | AndroidSPIN 

JAN 28, 2011   Out of countless accessory item we say during CES, this is single handedly the greatest set of accessory items ever created, in my opinion anyways...


Clingo Accessory Review – Stick it and Forget It | Tech Alps


JAN 29, 2011   Once I stopped by the Clingo booth in Vegas, I was sold. I want everything they make. The products are all useful in their own right...


Clingo car mounts give you flexibility | Let'sTalk


JAN 19, 2011    Consider these accessories from Clingo - they can go on your car's dashboard or attach to the vent of your car and they work with any cell phone...


Video: Clingo iPhone Steering Wheel | Mac|Life


Feb 13, 2010    If you're a fan of the Nintendo Wii's steering wheel for Mario Kart, the Clingo iPhone steering wheel could be the difference between pole position and doing...

First Looks: Allsop Clingo Game Wheel | iLounge

Jan 13, 2010    Though we're not huge fans of the "add a big plastic steering wheel to your iPhone or iPod touch" concept, the new Clingo Game Wheel from... 

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